Israel is one of the progressive nations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It has made an immense development in the areas of science and technology. The country has got the 4th position in the world for its highly skilled employment. After the USA, it has the second-largest setup for startup companies. In the NASDAQ list of companies, it has the 3rd highest position after the USA and China. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness, it has been ranked 16th and the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index it has been ranked 54th.

Why should you find a job in Tel Aviv?

The city of Tel Aviv was first found in the year 1909 by Yishuv, like a housing estate on the outskirts of Jaffa. After Jerusalem, it is a city with the second largest population in Israel. In the whole of the Middle East, Tel Aviv has a third or fourth-largest economy along with the largest per capita income. Tel Aviv has rank 31st among the world in terms of cost of living. The city has ranked 25th among the financial centers of the world. The unemployment rate is lowest at 4.4%. The economic activities of the city contribute 17% GDP of the country. 

Newspapers like Newsweek has described it as a flourishing technological center, and The Economist has called it a miniature Los Angeles. Israel has a single stock exchange called Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which has reached a benchmark since the year 1990. Headquarters of many international companies like research centers, institutes, and venture capital firms located at Tel Aviv. Just behind Silicon Valley, many hi-tech startup companies are located here, and this makes it the second most important place for startups. It is the 19th most expensive cities in the world and top among the Middle East. 

There are a lot of sectors that you can find interesting in Israel and Tel Aviv like pharmacy, Cyber, Blockchain, hotels and much more which covered at our guide: Definitive Guide: Job Opportunities in Israel.

Jobs in Tel- Aviv for English speakers

The mode of communication and other works in Israel are mainly conducted through the Hebrew language. However recently many hi-tech companies, venture capital firms, and startups from America and other countries have opened their research and development centers in Israel and in such companies, there is a requirement to communicate and conduct the work in English. In such cases, the jobs for English speakers become high in Israel. In such cases, they look for eligibility criteria like excellent communication skills in English, Bachelor degree in English, experience in the teaching profession and a valid teaching certificate is a must. We witness the growing demand for English speakers in the profession of sales and customer care support. Some companies also require English bloggers and content writers to write creative articles and blogs for their websites. Thorough knowledge and dexterity in the language are beneficial to get jobs in Israel, especially if anyone is searching for a job from abroad. 

Jobs in Tel- Aviv for Russian speakers

Just like English speaking jobs, there are companies that wish to venture beyond the periphery of their nation and develop business with other countries. Russian speaker’s jobs are quite popular in the country. Customer service-related jobs in the field of tech support and sales for Russian speakers are available in the country. This can be witnessed as the strategic ties between the two nations are very close. Russia and Israel have several collaborations in the fields of military, nuclear, medical, oil & petroleum, etc. Both countries have mutual visa-free agreements. Also, the third-largest population of Russians living in the world stays in Israel. There are around 1.5 million Russian speaking Israeli people residing in the country.

Jobs in Tel- Aviv for foreigners  

Tel Aviv is the financial center of Israel, and it is considered as one of the strongest in the world. There are several startups of hi-tech, venture capital firms, research centers of many companies. Tel-Aviv has become the Silicon Wadi of Israel. There are several jobs and opportunities available in various fields for foreigners. One can either apply to these jobs through Israeli job websites or by having a connection with an Israeli professional. Approximately 60% of the job posts are closed in the companies through internal connection. Jobs in professions like sales, engineering, R&D, pharmaceutical, communicator, and many more are available in the country. 

Hotel Jobs in Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that has a 24 hour culture and is popularly known as the city that never sleeps. Also, it is known for its nightlife culture and is the party capital of Israel. It is the fifth most visited city in the whole of Africa, and the Middle East and around 2.5 million travelers visit the city annually. It is also renowned for attracting people for its tourist scene along its beaches and city promenade. Due to the growing population of visitors, the hotel industry is flourishing at a high pace. Some of the famous hotels of the world have their branches in the city of Tel-Aviv like Hilton, Sheraton, Dan Isrotel, and Crowne Plaza. Jobs in the hotel industries are Sales Manager, Clerk cum Admin, Sous Chef, Steward Supervisor, Pastry Chef and many more.

Start-up Jobs in Tel-Aviv

Israel has the maximum number of startups per capita than any other country in the world. It is interesting to note that Tel-Aviv has become the heart of this Silicon Wadi that has been home to many hi-tech startup companies. The startup company, Billguard is there to ensure that you don’t pay unnecessary bill charges which often creeps up with the credit card bill. IDC Elevator is another startup company that works for other startup companies to elevate their business. They provide a three-month program in marketing, strategy, and investment assistance. The fourth-month program is conducted from New-York, as a testament to the existing ties between Israel and the USA. There are a plethora of startups companies existing in Israel in different fields and jobs are available according to the company type. 

Sales Jobs in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been home to major companies like venture capital firms, hi-tech industries, and research and development institutes and centers. There are different types of sales jobs, and these might be for a software company or a product based company. In service-oriented industries like hotels, a sales team is there to ensure the growth and development of its hotel. The different sales openings available in Tel-Aviv are Global Service Senior Executive, Sales Operation Manager, Sales Executive, Senior Sales Manager, etc. 

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