Our Story

The Problem

The number one reason for which Olim are leaving Israel and not settling in for the long terms, is finding a job that will match their skills and experience.

Also for those living abroad and thinking of making Aliya, landing a job that will be fulfilling, worthy of their skills, and provide security is the main blocker from making the move.

These are highly skilled individuals with international experience, which can highly benefit the Israeli society and economy.

The Mission

To advance Israel’s workforce and society by matching skilled professionals, who whish to make Aliya, with jobs in the best companies in Israel. Providing them the professional security and satisfaction needed to make Israel a home.

The Opportunity

Both Founders have years of experience in Israel’s Startup and high tech scene, as well as connections to VC’s, investment firms, universities, research institutions and the top 100 employers in Israel’s privet sector.

The Founders

Eli has a vast experience in leadership and strategy, international public diplomacy, partnership building, business ventures, education, building training programs and managing local and international teams in startups/Hi-Tech, NGOs.

His family made Aliya (immigrated to Israel) when he was less than 3 years old and he claims that much of his family’s success was thanks to the help of strangers or newly acquired friends – Now its time to give back.

Eli Bogdan




Omer Levinson

Omer is the founder of Webiel group a company that manages a few online businesses all over the world. He is an SEO expert, working with international-scale clients, startup, universities, companies, and institutions.

Omer is the chairman of ALI, a non-profit organization that helps to fight the poverty of Jewish communities around the world. He is an enthusiastic Zionist who believes that Jews should live in Israel before it will be too late.

Omer Levinson